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Virtual classes became necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic, but I saw such amazing changes in my own body and my client's bodies that I had to keep going.

I love Pilates mat workouts. They are effective, efficient and the virtual platform is so convenient.

Mat's where it's at!

Virtual Pilates Mat Class Schedule

  • Sunday 11am
    Level 2 (Basic/intermediate):

    Work during the week?  This class will give you the strength and mobility to play on the weekends! Level 2 is a great place for generally healthy, active people.

  • Tuesday 11am
    Level 2 (Basic/intermediate):

    One of my most popular classes.  Can you take a quick work break around lunch?  Get some morning exercise and jump into class?  Or hop on after a slow morning of coffee-drinking?  This class is perfect for you!

  • Thursday 8am
    Level 3 (Intermediate): 

    This class is a great challenge!  Moves fast, quite athletic.

  • Thursday 10:30am
    Level 1.5:

    This class is a mixture of Pilates mat work and standing Pilates exercises.  The best of both worlds!  Deep core and hip work on the mat, balance challenges to improve stability when upright and active.

  • **All classes are taught using the Zoom platform


Single class: $25   ||  5 classes: $110  ||  10 classes: $200
Private Pilates or physical therapy:
$105/45 min session
$130/60 min session
$145/60 min New Injury Evaluation

**The Pilates PT, LLC, has a no refund policy for virtual class purchases.

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Do my workouts any time, from anywhere.  Full length classes available as well as shorter more focused workouts. 

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